A smart approach to braille education.

Taptilo is a smart braille education device that makes learning and teaching braille accessible to everyone. Equipped with an innovative refreshable braille display that seamlessly connects with an app to provide full control and customization, Taptilo enables students to learn independently and allows teachers and parents to start teaching from their fingertips.


Why Taptilo?

Excellent learning tool for beginners

Taptilo is a designed to make learning braille easy and fun, especially for those who are just getting started.


Taptilo uses jumbo-sized braille, which is larger than standard-sized braille. This helps beginners to tell the dots apart and recognize various patterns.

By allowing visually impaired children to engage in the core functions of literacy - reading and writing - in a fun and interactive way, Taptilo helps to familiarize themselves with braille before moving on to standard-sized braille. Taptilo is also great for the sighted people who are looking to teach themselves braille.

To read, use your fingers to scan the patterns on the braille display on the lower half of the device. To write, push or pull the pins on the braille blocks with your fingers to create patterns. 

With three writing styles to choose from (common, reverse, slate & stylus), Taptilo also allows you to practice the writing style used by the well-known Perkins keyboard. 


Use in multiple settings

Taptilo is designed for both independent learning and guided instruction. Use on its own for Self-study Mode. Connect with the Taptilo App for Teaching Mode.


Self-study Mode

Learn as you play. With a colorful braille display, sturdy and safe braille blocks, interactive audio instructions, and various activities to choose from, Taptilo is perfect for independent learning.


Teaching Mode

With Taptilo, you do not need to be an expert in braille to start teaching. By connecting the device to the app, you can switch to Teaching Mode, which allows you to customize or create your own teaching material as well as track learning progress.


Learn essential words and more

Taptilo provides 5 different learning programs to choose from: Read, Trace & Write, Dictation, Write and Game. Each program includes the alphabet, numbers, and 850 essential words for children in grades 1-5 put together by professors Steve Graham, Karen R. Harris and Connie Loynachan from University of Maryland.

Moreover, in Teaching Mode, you can add your own list of words. Simply type a word on the app and press send - Taptilo will show the word in braille and say it aloud.

Soon to come are new language packages and educational software (braille music, arithmetic, etc.) that can be added to your Taptilo. Stay in the loop for what's coming up next!


How Taptilo works



This video gives an overview of various programs in Taptilo.


Taptilo will show a letter, number or word and say it aloud. Scan the braille pattern with your fingers.

Taptilo will show a letter, number or word and say it aloud. Trace the braille and try to recreate using the blocks. 

Taptilo will say a word. Listen to the word and try to spell the word using the braille blocks. 

Write your own word using the braille blocks. Taptilo will read the word aloud.
On Teaching Mode, you can type your own word on the app.

Taptilo will show scrambled letters. Try to spell the word by placing the blocks in the right order. Taptilo will check the answer!

Not sure if Taptilo is right for you? 

From today, learning braille will be fun!.jpg