A smart approach to braille education.

Taptilo is a wireless braille device that syncs to your smartphone to help you learn braille in a fast, easy and fun way. Equipped with the latest braille cell technology, multiple teaching options, interactive audio instructions and various self-study games, Taptilo is the ultimate smart solution to braille education.


Why Taptilo?

Learn braille fast, easy & fun

Taptilo is composed of a jumbo-sized refreshable braille display on the lower half to practice reading and a set of removeable braille blocks on the upper half to practice writing. 

To read, scan the patterns on the braille display with your fingertips. To write, push or pull the pins on the braille blocks to create patterns and place them on the upper dock.

With 17 different self-study games and interactive audio instructions, Taptilo allows the student to play and learn on their own.


Taptilo uses a jumbo-sized braille cells to help beginners tell the dots apart and get used to recognizing various patterns. 


Teaching made simple

Ever struggled with the lack of tools for teaching braille?

Taptilo is designed for teaching braille as much as for independent learning. Simply sync the device to the Taptilo app to start Teaching Mode

Taptilo provides various teaching programs, including Read, Trace & Write, Dictation, and two types of games. Each program includes the alphabet, numbers, and 850+ essential words for children divided into five different levels. Plus you can create your own word list!


To teach braille with Taptilo, you do not need to be an expert in braille. Just tap the letters and words you want to teach and Taptilo will translate. Play games with your student and track learning progress. All in one app.

Teaching becomes simple & enjoyable with Taptilo.


Want to teach many students at once?

Do you want to teach or learn braille in different languages?

Want to learn braille music, braille math and braille coding?

Stay in the loop for what's coming up next!

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Video Tutorial



This video gives an overview of games and features in Taptilo.


Taptilo will show a letter, number or word and say it aloud. Scan the braille pattern with your fingers.


Taptilo will show a letter, number or word and say it aloud. Trace the braille and try to recreate using the blocks.


Taptilo will say a word. Listen to the word and try to spell the word using the braille blocks.


Write your own word using the braille blocks. Taptilo will read the word aloud. On Teaching Mode, you can type your own word on the app.


Taptilo will show scrambled letters. Try to spell the word by placing the blocks in the right order. Taptilo will check the answer!

Not sure if Taptilo is right for you? 

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