Taptilo Braille Starter Kit

Taptilo Braille Starter Kit


Now includes matching neck lanyard!

New to braille? Need a fun way to get started?

Start learning letter by letter with this adorable Taptilo Braille Starter Kit, while giving your fingers the joy of endless fidgeting!

Each starter kit includes one braille block keychain and a set of braille learning materials in print and braille (English).

Using the braille cards, both blind and sighted learners can learn braille patterns, on their own or together!

About the Taptilo block:

  • A jumbo braille block that helps children and beginners to start learning braille in a fun, easy way.

  • The blocks are made to fit perfectly in children's hands and made of durable and safe plastic. 

  • Pressing the dots with the fingers help develop finger strength and concentration. 

  • Each block represents one braille cell,  consists of six raised dots, arranged in two columns of three dots. 

Please contact support@taptilo.com for availability in your language.

We ship worldwide! Delivery will take 5-7 business days, with some variation depending on the region.

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How to use the Taptilo block (Perkins style)

  1. Hold the block with both hands, the front side facing the user. (The front has a flat semicircle on the top). Start with all the dots pushed down.

  2. Place your thumbs along the sides and your index, middle, ring fingers on the bottom of each dot.

  3. With each finger, push the dots upward to create braille patterns. For instance, to create the letter ‘e’ (or the number 5) push dot 1 with your left hand’s index finger, and push dot 5 with your right hand’s middle finger.

Two hands holding a Taptilo block