is an internationally recognized technology startup with a social mission.

Founded in 2013, we were recognized as a K-Global 300 technology company that develops unique technological solutions to tackle social problems.

From 2015, we started developing Taptilo, a smart braille device operated by our unique and patented cam actuator technology.

Taptilo has received over five awards and support from the Korean government through the K-Global 300 program, a public venture that supports startups in Korea. We also received funding from several investors, including Samsung Ventures.  



Taptilo is a smart braille education device that syncs to your smartphone to help teach braille reading and writing. With Taptilo, anyone can learn braille in a fast, fun & easy way.

We believe Taptilo will contribute to promoting braille literacy, which will help those with blindness and visual impairments lead more independent lives.



With its unique micro braille cell technology, OHFA TECH is developing more innovative products in braille education. 

We are developing an innovative micro braille cell that can be used to create an affordable multi-line braille display and ultimately, full page braille display.