is an internationally recognized technology firm with a social mission

Founded in 2013,

Recognized as a K-Global 300 technology company that develops unique technological solutions for social problems.

Developed Taptilo that makes braille teaching and learning easy and fun, which is operated by its unique and patented cam actuator technology.

Taptilo has received over five awards and support from the Korean government through the K-Global 300 program, a public venture that supports start-ups in Korea.

OHFA TECH has also received funding from several investors, including Samsung Ventures, and has beendeveloping micro braille cell that will help develop various multi-line braille display and ultimately, full page braille display.



The first commercialized product by OHFA TECH is the device to help teach and learn braille for the beginners.  With Taptilo, the teachers for BVI can teach many more students in a relatively short period of the time.  Also anyone who does not know braille can help teach BVI people and BVI people can learn braille by themselves with Taptilo.  OHFA TECH believes Taptilo will contribute to promote braille literacy.


With its unique micro braille cell technology, OHFA TECH is developing various innovative products that will help braille learners go through necessary education and learn skills required to live independent life.